Snow Making at Snow4kids Event

The snow produced at Snow4kids is created daily by machines from Bucceri Snow Making Pty Ltd. Brisbane is very lucky that the company is located locally and this is the reason that we can provide low ticket prices for our customers.

The Bucceri company was created in Brisbane and has been making snow at South Bank since 1988 when it created the snow for the Swiss Pavilion at World Expo88. The snow making equipment used at Snow4kids is fully automatic and the equipment costs over $500,000 US dollars to buy and can make around 100 cubic metres of snow per day. The snow is made from fresh Brisbane tap water only and the water that melts can be used for irrigation in the Parklands.

Similar Bucceri snow machines are used in Indoor ski centres and ski resorts around the world to guarantee early season snow for skiing.

In other Australian States snow is produced by Bucceri machines to make snow for events! The price to buy this snow is $300 per cubic metre for snow delivered to events such as the Sydney or Melbourne Ski Show.

If the Snow4kids Event did not receive a special low rate from Bucceri Snow Making Pty Ltd, then the ticket price would be much higher!

The cost of buying the snow alone to create the 2400 cubic metres of snow consumed at our event each winter would be $720,000 just for the snow.

That means that the snow making cost per ticket holder would be over $40 for each entry just to have the snow delivered before the cost of spreading and grooming the snow.

So we are lucky to have Bucceri Snow Making subsidising our snow making costs to allow such a favorable ticket price that are normally between $16 to $21 for 1 hour entry to the event as without them the cost of the ticket price entry would be double this price or higher.