Snow4Kids and the Snow Village will be at Westfield North Lakes from June 1 to August 15 2024

Snow4kids offers an abundance of daily falling snow to ignite the imaginations of children.

Let them revel in the joy of crafting their own snowman, engaging in lively snowball fights, and experiencing the falling snow.

Snow Village offers a captivating winter experience, complete with a delightful combination of food, beverages, and entertainment.

Indulge in the timeless pleasure of roasted marshmallows.

Snow Village is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night!

 Immerse yourself in our enchanting lightshow featuring delightful winter characters and enjoy a game on our themed mini-golf course.

Throw Fresh Snowballs 

Experience the joy of crafting pristine snowballs and engaging in exciting target practice. Join us as we provide a safe and enjoyable platform for kids to embrace the wintery fun. Let the laughter and exhilaration fill the air as you participate in this timeless activity. Snow4kids offers the perfect opportunity for endless entertainment and wholesome winter recreation.

Do You want to Build a Snowman?

At Snow4kids, we create an abundance of fresh snow for every session, allowing you to craft the ideal snowman. Furthermore, we provide a wide range of decorations to personalize your creation and make it truly unique.

Tons of Snow For Everyone

Collect your snow for snowplay and play and dig under the falling snow and use our molds to make interesting creations.

Our snow pit is topped up with fresh falling snow regularly during the day.

Snow Themed Mini Golf

Enjoy a game of mini golf in our new winter themed 9 hole mini golf course. A great opportunity for a game with family or friends.

The Snow Village Mini Golf Course will be open during the school holidays.

Friday, Saturday,  Sunday Nights.

Roast some toasted Marshmellows around our proected fire pits.

And grab some food and drinks from our food carts while you enjoy our nightly enterttainment.

Winter Lights

Take a walk along our winter snow path and be enthralled by the beautiful characters that are lit up every night of opening .

Take that special photo to send to friends or maintain as a memory.

Location: Event Space outside Ikea at Westfield North Lakes N Lakes Dr, North Lakes QLD 4509


Session Times: 9am -6pm daily

Ticket Price:  $29 per person

Ticket Price: Family Package $99 for 4 people for limited time only


Open: 5pm-9pm Fri-Sat-Sun

Entry: $5 per person

Mini-Golf: $16 for Adults and $12 Children for 9 holes

Light Show: Included in Entry Fee

Snowfall Experience: $12 for 10 minutes

Food Menu- Coming Soon

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